Vivian Florence, School Bored


School: Bob Mathis Elementary

Yoga: Certified Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher

What led you to practice yoga?

I practiced yoga minimally, but Yoga was introduced to my school by Cheryl Crawford, Amy Haysman, and Sedef Dion.  I knew that if practiced consistently it would make a significant difference in the children’s academic, social, and emotional behavior and in their lives in general.

When do you teach yoga with children?

I teach yoga daily in my classroom.

Who do you teach?

I teach Kindergarten students.

Where in the school is the practice held?

In my school practice is held in the gym and in the classroom of teachers who want to participate.

Why do you teach yoga in your school?

Most of all the children enjoy the process of yoga. Moving their bodies into shapes and breathing (they think it’s fun). In addition, it helps the children mindfully focus, analyze and control their emotions,  and interact positively with others.

What suggestions do you have for teachers who find it difficult to fit yoga into their day?

Find time for yoga! Even if it’s just 5/10 minutes. Do it! It will make a big difference.

How does yoga integrate into your day?

I begin the day with a yoga warm up and I integrate yoga as my transition buffer.

What has been the most challenging part of your teaching?

It has been challenging to get the kids to focus and find the time for yoga. I must say that it’s working pretty good at the moment. I’m enjoying yoga in the classroom and the kids are too.

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