The Hashtag Project

It came to me in a vision.. I have been a hashtag user for about two months now.. Honestly, it took me a while to understand what they are, why one might use them, and just how helpful they can be.  I am now totally addicted, and find hash tagging to be a great way to think creatively while also spreading a message to others.  Quite often I find the only person’s who like my #ed photos to be those who get the humor in them.. so in a sense they are almost like a code.

So I decided to propose this contest.. the product of my vision.. to get the kids thinking… and using a platform that is relevant, relatable, and fun..

The task was simple, and wide open.. – Come up with the most creative #.. 2 rules – no vulgarity and no messages that would be offensive to anyone.

It was interesting to see how challenging such an open ended request could be… leaving no path for how to please the teacher….

But as the results came in I saw personality, humor, and truth..

And I realized I set MYSELF for failure.. Having told the students that there would be a winner, I realized to pick from such a group would be impossible. It seemed ri·dic·u·lous to tell anyone that THEIR truth was anything but perfect! So I took photos, renamed the contest a “project”, and baked a cake.

And now, We present to you, the ideas and the faces of 14 of our fabulous students.  We will release one a day for the next 2 weeks.. You will find them on our Facebook and Instagram pages. So tune in, learn, laugh, and share with us.

#proudasaparent #grateful #queen2toyou

On Instagram – @AtlantaYogaMovement

On Facebook – @AtlantaYogaMovement

Update: Thank you for your support! Here they are…


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