Your contribution goes directly to fund yoga classes during the school day. We have served over 31 schools, and wish to extend this opportunity to many others.

Atlanta Yoga Movement is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to delivering yoga and mindfulness programs in order to create a better learning environment for the school children (K-12) in the metro Atlanta area.

We are grateful to have any dollar amount contribution to our tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Our programming fees are nominal and donations from you REALLY make a huge difference. For less than $1/student a donation of $50 can start over 60 students on their journey towards transformation, self regulation, and more.

Our operation expenses are purposefully kept low so that dollars can be used directly to help children in our programs.

The proposed donation amounts are listed below,  Any amount will make a difference.

$50 teaches 60 students. How many students do you want to serve?

$550 to $1,000 WARRIOR Sponsor a classroom for one school year
$1100 to $5000 SILVER WARRIOR Sponsor a Middle/High School Elective for one semester
$5,100 to $20,000 GOLD WARRIOR Sponsor an entire elementary school for one semester or a Middle/High School Elective for one year
$21,000 HERO sponsor an entire school and become our official partner
Donate service of graphic design, photography, articles, writing grants (Immediate need!), strategy consultants, artists and musicians.

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