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“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Cheryl Crawford and Mary Quinn at Druid Hills High School. Both of these committed ladies chose to come to our high school every morning to teach 34 eager high school students. Our class comprised of both girls and boys of various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds along with various learning abilities. It was amazing how these ladies transformed this very different group of young people to morph into an unexplainable “family” unit through the practice of yoga. I never knew how powerful this practice was until I witnessed it personally. I cannot thank “Queen 1” and “Queen 2” (as they are affectionately known to the students) for the energy that they brought to me and my class each morning over a course of 18 weeks. You both are AMAZING women! Blessings to both of you!


Thank you Coach Jackson! We are grateful for your open heart and the passion you shared with us. We appreciate your sense of  humor as seen in the  last three questions on the final exam you gave to your PE classes.


We value your opinion and the high expectations you held for our students during their yoga final. They really taught yoga well to the rest of the class.

We appreciate your connection and compassion and playfulness.


And of course, We are moved to know that your action sent the United States of You Curriculum to Dekalb County Schools… and after a loooong review… it is now approved for the entire school system! Your work touches the lives of a few every day… but the ripple effect you have on the World is immeasurable.  For this and so much more we say


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