Student Feedback {JOY}

“My Experience with yoga has been great. I’d never think that I’d get to like it so much. Before I started I was super tight and couldn’t touch my toes. Now when I do a forward fold I can reach all the way to my feet and maybe even a little further if I stretch. I didn’t even know that I could do a headstand. I’m really trying to get down to my splits and I’m making lots of progress with that. But the only thing I don’t like is the meditation because I don’t feel anything and I don’t see a point of it. I just really like doing the exercise and stretches. I’m having lots of fun meeting new people and making new friends. I hope I have this class next semester!” Joy

Joy wrote this a few weeks ago. Since then we’ve been focusing on teaching different types of meditation and explaining that we may not “feel” anything while we practice but we notice how we feel afterwards. Meditation is a practice. It’s a discipline that is subtle for most of us, especially when we first start.

Honest feedback has given us insight into not only what the students like/dislike, but also what we are conveying, and how we might alter our teaching to reach a greater audience.  The subject of mediation is full of preconcieved notions of clear thoughtless minds and enlightening visions.  And maybe these will come. But our experience has been that creating a habit, a muscle, for this practice is the only way to reach such enlightenment.  There is no way to gage a students mental state other than asking.  And sometimes the answers, written so clearly, show us not what we know, but the magnitude and breadth of what we do not.  We are learning together.  And growing to be more enlightened, more real, more true.  Thank you Joy for guiding us on this path.

We’ll keep posting what we learn from our students about this topic. Meanwhile, here’s Joy’s United States of You  Flag which represents her three largest states of being:

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