Solace, by True

Later in my evening, to avoid further study of the SAT (stupid ‘aptitude’ testing), I checked out the website you are on right now (Atlanta Yoga Movement). I was curious to see where my blogs where going. It was interesting to see something that I had written on an online website… As I scrolled down; I saw a posting called “Blessing and Grace.” I started to read this entry and realized the student being discussed was myself. It was embarrassing to read what I had done to two exemplary teachers.  I kept reading, and was surprised to ascertain that a “tiny 5%” of this teacher wanted to keep me in this class. A state of confusion enveloped me; why would she have had any doubt about kicking my insubordinate mockery out of the class? Dawning on me a few minutes later was the ageless and poorly articulated saying “everyone deserves a second chance,” perhaps my answer. But, people are much more complex then an ill worded saying. This act of, or, well what ever you call it brightened my evening; contradicting my personal thoughts about myself and the rest of the human race. I end my day with some solace in the fact that humanity is not as abhorrent as I have lead myself to believe.

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