Rebellion to Revolution

Students at the alternative school that services the expelled youth in north Fulton County~

You are so fresh,

so curious

and so beautiful!

I laughed when you asked….

“Is that a device to crush pills?”

I beamed when you asked, “Can I try to do a handstand?”

Remember when you were choosing “I AM statements, and  you said, “I Am Hungry.” “I am hot.”

Remember hungry is a feeling. You feel hungry. What are you?

You closed your eyes  and placed one hand on your belly and one on your heart.

I Am What I Am

You responded….

“I am Love.”

“I am Brave.”

“I am Friendly.”

“I am Fire.”

“I am Gangster.”

What kind of Gangster? Charlie Brown and Snoopy are part of a gang. Gangsters can be helpful or hurtful depending on how they use their power. Are you a spiritual gangster?

You said, “I am a Spiritual Gangster.”


Thank you for sharing your stories.

It takes a lot of power to be expelled from school.

You used your power for rebellion, an explosion of anger. The element of fire.

What if your purpose is to illuminate a new way of being in the school system?

What if you learned how to contain your power, so it can be used to benefit humanity?

You could start a Revolution of Right Action.

Take a tremendous leap forward,

be part of the evolution in consciousness,

a new way of


Go radiate hope for humanity.

You’ve got what it takes.

Sat Nam

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