queen one and queen two

 you will practice the yogas.

 you will see something new.

 two queens. and i call them

queen one and queen two.


 these queens are sincere

 they want to have fun.

“follow your breath!”

 said queen two and queen one!


 they bow to us sweetly.

 whisper, “namaste to you”

 would you like to breathe deeply

 with queen one and queen two?’

us twenty three teens

are ready for new

so we practice the yogas

with queen one and queen two.


don’t call them profs.

or coaches or misses

they’ve come here to share

these queens who teach blisses.


 we breathe and we chant

 we create novel shapes

we follow our breath

 in down dog and snake.


we assess our strength

 our flexibility too

we check out our balance

 with queen one and queen two.


we seriously play

 at times quite absurd

we chant Sat Nam

 cause truth is the word.


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