Self Care Held There

Join Cheryl Crawford and two of her delightful high school students as they share tips with the dignified teachers of Fernbank Elementary and Druid Hills Middle School.

Tip #1

Look at the sky. Close your eyes. Remember the BIG picture of WHY you became a teacher before the smaller details of other people's agendas . Get full with your breath in and soften with your breath out. See how long and deep you can get your breath.

Tip #2

Become aware of your habits. Notice how you stand, how you place your hands, how you breathe. What is the quality of your energy? Your expression? Are you connected to your breath? Are you aware of your students breath? Can you all connect your breath together? Can you all feel your right to be here?

Tip #3

Connect to your breath. Allow your breath to lead the way. Wait for your breath before moving, speaking, listening. Find the connection with your breath starting with once a day, then once an hour, then minute, then second and notice how connected to your class you become.

Tip #4

Add laughter to your classroom. You can really laugh or fake laugh!  Usually fake laughter gets real, especially when others are laughing. Your body benefits and your students will too! Drink a daily laughter milkshake and know you have the right to act.

Tip #5

When desks are lined up well with equal space in between, free of litter and clutter, it's easier to get more creative and energy flows more freely. Practice organizing your feet. Place them straight like the number 11. Root your hands so you can feel the connection to your heart. The way you place your feet and hands matter. The way you organize your class matters. The more organized you are, the more your students can be.

Tip #6

Hug your midline. Hug the center line of your body where your brain, your heart and your throat are. Hug from the inside in. Hug in, plug in and stay in your power to connect to what matters. From there extend out and connect to your class. You have the right to Love.

Tip #7

Are there any habits that are no longer serving you as a teacher, no longer serving the people around you? Kick yourself in your pants for anything you regret, you're still stuck on and move on.

Tip #8

Set your hyoid bone so you can not only listen you can be heard from your authentic voice. Open your throat in alignment to your true nature. Root from hips to feet and speak from your core. You have the right to speak.

Tip #9

Soften the back of your eyes. Keep that and soften the front of your eyes like you're looking at someone you adore. Focus inward, stay centered even when you're looking outward. Look at your students softly. You have the right to see.

Tip #10

What do you lead with? Pelvis, head or heart? What if you lead with your heart? Try it! Get long inside with your breath, press the bottom tips of your shoulder blades into the back of your heart. Open all sides of your heart and press your heart forward.

Tip #11

Hug your hips into each other and root down into the earth. The more you root, the more you rise. Ground your energy to create space in your body. Ground to Elevate. Stabilize for more freedom. Find the balance in between.
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