Ready for a yoga movement for your school?

 Ready for meaningful programs that are making a difference?

Great news! Our teachers lead cooperative and energetic classes, creating an environment that fosters strength, balance, mental clarity and positive self-expression.

We begin with a Grounded Self Care Practice for faculty and staff. Accessible breathing and mindful movements are introduced. From there we meet with teachers interested in breathing life into their classrooms.

 We have worked in many school districts and are familiar with the challenges that many schools are facing today.

We LISTEN to your specific needs and challenge.

We have worked with both large and small school districts, urban and suburban, high-poverty, and well-to-do schools. 


  • Email  for a free 45-minute initial consultation to discuss your needs.
  • Locate the interested leaders  in your school and involve them in the planning of a yoga program.
  • Hold an all staff informational meeting (in-service) on the benefits of yoga. Collect information during that sessions on concerns; respond to questions; develop and plan with the staff.
  • Plan with the teachers/curriculum director to connect the program to teach skills that meet state and national standards. 
  • Offer stress-reduction and self-care techniques to your staff and let them know that taking care of themselves is the first priority and is a necessary prerequisite to successfully teaching students to do the same.

  • What as worked in other schools? 

15-20 minutes of classroom yoga once a week for 11 weeks has been very effective in the elementary schools.

It’s so effective that AIB Network filmed a documentary that aired February 13th,2017. Watch it below.

AND the principal, PE teacher and a classroom teacher got certified to teach grounded kids yoga. That's sustainability. 

To have a certified teacher in your classroom, during PE, or in an after-school program the following rates apply:

  • 60 Minute: $90/session
  • 45 Minute: $80/session
  • 30 Minute: $70/session

“That’s really reasonable. I’m emailing you now.”

Our students are excited and look forward to yoga every week. Our teachers and students are practicing yoga techniques to help decrease stress. Our students are using yoga to help deal with different emotions.
Dawn Blackwell, Principal Bob Mathis Elementary

The Yoga Club and Grounded Kids provide exercise, both physical and mental, to students as after school enrichment. The skills learned in Yoga Club and the expertise teachers have obtained through their training enhance the classroom experience through breathing and relaxation techniques. Additionally, teachers find it valuable for classroom maintenance and order, both during the regular school day as well as before testing periods.

Jason Marshall, Principal Fernbank Elementary

Moving Classes Changing Lives

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