Meet Cheneah “Breathe Before You Act”

Meet Cheneah!

Her Life Advice: “Breathe Before You Act”


A Junior Standing at Druid Hills High, this vivacious young woman is full of creativity and wisdom. When asked what she learned from practicing yoga for a semester, she said, “I learned that hiding your feeling is not healthy, also that there are people who will listen. I discovered that I am really down-to-earth person, and I have a lot to offer.”

As a daily practice, Cheneah mentioned that yoga taught her breathe before action. “I’ve learned to breathe before I say something I might regret, or that could get me into trouble.”

Always interested in partner work, Cheneah collaborated with her peer, Zaria, to turn the individual pose No, Table, Yes into a partner pose. Watch the video here: Yes, No, Maybe So



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