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Watchful, Thoughtful, and Reserved. Cemelia Winn, pictured in the red sweatshirt, spent several weeks with her gaze averted when approached by another. Deeply kindhearted and eager to make friends despite her quiet nature, she one day approached me with a request for more partners poses. This typically soft spoken student found her voice! She expressed her need and desire to connect with the her peers. Her face lit up as she collaborated with her classmates and cultivated meaningful relationships with them.

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When reflecting upon what she learned over the semester, Cemelia mentions these newfound friendships, as well as the general effect yoga had on her mind and body…

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What was it like to take yoga as class in school?

 “I enjoyed every moment I spent time the lovable people in yoga class. Sometimes, I have a stressful time and hated to do yoga, but when I actually tried, it helped me a lot. When I first started yoga, my body felt stiff and I didn’t really know how to look at myself or my emotions. As time passed by, I learned how to help myself get calmer and forgive people.”

What pose did you like to practice often?

“My favorite pose is dark seed light because it helps me get grounded.”

What state do you like to act from?

“My all time favorite state is calm.”

Please share a bit of wisdom you have discovered through practicing yoga.


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