Jealousy to Gratitude… One Pose at a Time

Jealousy is a place where no one wants to stay, but everyone has visited.  Zeal, the fiery fermentation of festering feelings, boils up until it explodes.  So few want to go, but many visit.  Today we practiced leaving Jealousy, for the open plains of Gratitude.  The open-hearted awareness of all that is.  In Gratitude we see clearly, we hear clearly, and we feel clearly.  The rolling plains and grassy hills promise that there is and always will be enough.  We need not worry: we are enough and the World holds a special place, just for us.  We ARE necessary.  Walking this road from Jealousy to Gratitude,  we ground into Acceptance. We surrender the no longer functional “What we think” for  the more useful and functional “what is”.  We find trust first with our Breath, then with our Partner. “I bless you, I bless me” is our Mantra as we breath in Trust and breath out Acceptance.  With a firm foundation we explore the road together and experience the power of heart opening side to side, back to back.  Arriving at our destination we turn to see where we came from…  Everything looks different.  The skies seem clearer, the grass greener.  We notice the stale feeling of longing has left our body. Transformed by Breath, transformed by intention, transformed by action.  we face the world refreshed, knowing that all is well, we are not alone.  We never were.

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