Hannah-Rose Broom, School Bored

School: Maynard Jackson High School, Georgia Tech Basketball
Yoga:  E-RYT 200hr Ashtanga and Vinyasa Teacher, Grounded Kids Yoga 95 hour certified
When do you teach yoga with children?

I teach yoga to the high school students at Maynard Jackson High during their regularly scheduled PE class.

Who do you teach?

I teach high school age students, as well as adults outside of school.

Where in the school is the practice held?

We practice in the school Auditorium

Why do you teach yoga in your school?

I am bringing Yoga to Maynard Jackson High School as an opportunity for the school to explore how the techniques taught through yoga could benefit their students – academically, behaviorally, and socially.

What suggestions do you have for teachers who find it difficult to fit yoga into their day?

As Nike says, “Just do it.” Whether it’s 10 minutes of attention to breath with simple seated postures, or a full hour of movement, the mindful self-awareness that yoga cultivates is physically, psychologically, and neurologically transformative. Please don’t put pressure on yourself to have the perfect practice; it’s called practice for a reason. The more consistently one practices, the more one will experience growth.

How does yoga integrate into your day?

Yoga is pretty much the basis of my day. I begin as I rise in the morning. As I lie in bed, I take a moment to notice my thoughts as I awake. I take a few deep, balanced breaths to help clear out any thoughts that could hinder me throughout the day and set an intention of how I would like to function within the world. I also use simple stretches or breath exercises to bring myself back to a grounded place in my transitions from one task to another.

What has been the most challenging part of your teaching?

Mostly, I struggle feeling like I have enough time to teach as deeply as I’d like to. There are times where meeting the needs of all the students can be a bit of a juggle – some have exorbitant  amounts of energy and need a more rigorous practice, while others are exhausted from all of their after school responsibilities.

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