Gary Smith, School Bored


School:  Bob Mathis Elementary
Yoga: Certified Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher Grades k-12
What led you to practice yoga?

I had the opportunity by my principal this summer to attend a 2 weeks intensive training on yoga! Awesome Experience!

 When do you teach yoga with children?

I teach yoga everyday to my students doing activity time for a warm up.

Who do you teach?

I teach yoga to grades K-5th during their activity time.

Where in the school is the practice held?

Yoga is held in the gym here at Bob Mathis.

Why do you teach yoga in your school?

Its another form of exercise from your traditional exercise. It also helps calms students down and help them become more discipline mentally and physically.

What suggestions do you have for teachers who find it difficult to fit yoga into their day?

Teachers can start small and have a positive attitude. Teachers don’t necessary have do yoga poses they can work on the meditation and breathing with their students. Its only takes 5-10 minutes consistently to see a difference with your students. Classroom or Homeroom teachers could do a yoga routine and morning and then maybe in the afternoon.

How does yoga integrate into your day?

I normally take 5-10 minutes in the morning to meditate. I also do yoga with my students during class.

How does yoga contribute to your role as a PE teacher?

I’m a lifelong learner and I want my students to be lifelong learners too. Yoga goes hand and hand with my physical education standards. My goals is for my students to be able to use yoga beyond high school like everything else I teach them.

 What has been the most challenging part of your teaching?

Yoga is fairly new to my students at the moment. Sometimes for some students it can be boring to them or discouraging. The reason is because they are use to doing traditional exercises. There are a lot of poses sometimes students tend to get them confused. So sometimes I tend to simplify with less poses or demonstrate them. I also, tend to mix in the traditional exercise in.


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