Freedom from Inner Conflict at Clarkston High

Yesterday we began Yoga Classes at Clarkston High School

where the students are from six of the seven continents,

from more than 54 countries,

and speak 48 languages.

The Angora is the mascot

and the colors are green and gold,

as are the mats,

as are the heart and power centers…

We practiced moving through inner conflict and observing what’s going on beneath the surface.

We let go of inner anger’s misbehavior and self-destruction..

and transformed the fire of anger into the fire of passion.

We let go of cloudy disturbances covering up the inner truth of who we are at our core~not other peoples projections.

and then we rested in complete stillness, visualized navigating through the rest of the school day from a place of peace.

And in this disciplined practice, we found freedom from inner conflict.

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