Finding Purpose with Matthew

9th Grader at Maynard Jackson High School, Matthew, takes Child Pose to calm himself down. Matthew describes himself as a person “with a lot of energy,” so when that energy shifts from his usual feeling of Joy to Agitation, he has found that Child’s Pose calms him down. “Having purpose in your actions,” is the mantra he has discovered from practicing yoga this semester –  “This has stuck with me because I need to have purpose in my actions, so I can get work done and do well in life.” Matthew’s knowledge of movement and posture, combined with his awareness provides him the ability to take responsibility for his feelings. Using the tools he’s learned, he can find a less agitated state of being, a deeper sense of purpose. Realizing, he doesn’t have to be “as angry as I usually am.”

Child’s Pose:

“It makes me comfortable, relaxed, warm, less angry.”

How does it make you feel?


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