Pillows With a Purpose

What do you do with 23 cotton tees, 18 flannel shirts, a talented artist and an organization dedicated to giving back to the community?

You create opportunities, art, and amazing eye pillows.  Breathe free, ground, elevate, and face the world head on with a one-of-a-kind eye pillow created by hand with love.  Perfect gifts for friends, family, and even your closest enemies.  Every purchase supports kids, art, and the community.  What are you waiting for?

Choose Your Style

Bring It On

Ground & Elevate

Breathe Free

Add a sniff!  Available in unscented, lavender, and chamomile

The Atlanta Yoga Movement Eye Pillow Project is more than just a fundraiser.  It is an investment into our environment, our community, and ultimately the future of our children.


Each eye pillow is 100% handcrafted with love and made from recycled flannel shirts and cotton tees.


Artwork is hand-carved and hand stamped by a local artist.  Materials are then cut, sewn, and assembled by a community group, creating an opportunity for them to provide for their families through meaningful work.


All dollars raised from the Eye Pillow Project allow the Atlanta Yoga Movement to deliver yoga and mindfulness programs that empowe school children (K-12) in the metro Atlanta area.

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