Exceptional Children – Grounded at Hopewell Middle School

I recently had the honor of teaching  a very special group of middle schoolers at Hopewell Middle School during their Exceptional Children’s Week.

Some of these children are in wheel chairs, some are on autism spectrum, some were verbal and others not at all.  The classes also include teens with down syndrome and other special needs.

As I greeted them entering the room, my heart was full of gratitude. I knew I would be able to help these teens move, breathe and connect with their bodies. With each passing moment, our yoga room at school was pulsing with an unbelievable energy, joy and hope. The kids were amazing and their grand effort to be present left me inspired to come back for more. Their incredible teachers were willing to pull, push, move and breathe with them and were absolutely powerful beyond words.

When teaching yoga to special needs populations, we as yoga teachers need to be grounded, patient, and willing to give 100% with out any judgment. Equally important is the willingness to connect with each person through compassion and love.

When we said Namaste and looked at each other, my heart was full again knowing that I made a difference in these kids’ and teachers’ lives. And that is priceless. I love what I do! Wahe Guru!

To Trust somebody takes time, patience and guidance. “I’ve Got Your Back” pose builds trust between student and teacher. Breathing deeply allows hearts to open.
When the heart opens, our inner light shines!
Sometimes one look can replace many words. We are all trying to ground and connect. Some are heel sitting, others in butterfly, stretching legs or standing.
Final resting pose allows the body and mind to surrender. Reassurance of a loving teacher’s hand is always there.
Connecting through movement and breath. Namaste is our final greeting. Namaste!



  • What a beautiful room I love the old windows. Thankyou Cecilia for visiting me. I am sorry to say that I don't speak any Spanish, not even a little, so I don't know if you were saying nice things or telling me off! I aptceriape very much that you visited and left me a comment (hopefully it is not a bad one). Enjoy a relaxing Sunday, much love Linda x

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