Engaging the Muscles of Will Power at Keheley Elementary, Cobb County

How DO we get in the flow of Motivation and Activation?

We  build the energy resolve and momentum we need to hook into and remember our goal.

We remember. Energy follows thought.

What we pay attention to is pretty important.

If we pay attention to our worries, our doubts, our made up stories about our shortcomings, well, our energy will go there.

Yoga is a practice of training our focus and concentration so that we have choices about where we place our attention, where our energy goes and what aspect of ourselves we feed.

Yoga is about harnessing our attention, about managing energy and about consciously choosing what we are going to do with our energy, with our vital force once we gain access to it.


One of the most immediate and accessible ways to show someone that we care about them is to pay attention to them.

Paying attention in poses is the same way. It is about having a loving and respectful relationship with ourselves, about really getting to know who we are down to the nitty gritty of knowing what our pinky toe is doing and how it’s action relates to our knees, our hips and our hearts..

Our yoga practice speaks to every part of our body. It nourishes us in a revitalizing way.

It smooths out our nervous system.

It restores, it grounds us

It trains our brain

It engages our Will Power

It teaches us~
I WILL Power support for alignment actions with my goals.

I WON”T Power up my worries and doubts. I won’t do something I know deep down isn’t cool.

I WANT Power to hold on to my big picture, my vision.

Every time we take an action that engages the muscles of willpower, they get stronger!

Thank you, Keheley Elementary in Cobb County, for inviting us to your bright school! Your students and coaches are full of dignity and respect and it was such a delight to move and breathe and laugh and get still with you all! Keep on flexing your will power muscles!


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