Dekalb County Wants The Yogas

Today we officially added our “United States of You Curriculum” to the Dekalb County School Network and created official Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s)  for the State of Georgia.

Afterwards, I sat down with Jennifer Powell,Health and Physical Education Coordinator of Dekalb County Schools.

I shared my heart’s desire to serve the district with yoga IF and only IF they actually want it. 

She said YES, she wants yoga for her district, and  wants Atlanta Yoga Movement to:

Teach Elementary, Middle and High School Yoga sequences to PE and Health Teachers during pre-planning week.

Provide PE and Health Teachers with yoga mats, our sequence posters and our instructional videos.

Create more yoga videos for the teachers to share with students and have as a resource.

Teach a Get Grounded 10 hour PLU Course to interested Dekalb County Employees.

After our refreshing hour long chat, I went outside to jump for joy.

YES, this system is ready for yoga.

As I was beaming and bouncing, out walks the Social Studies Coordinator of Dekalb County Schools.

She said she wants to learn how to practice yoga, and the Board of Education’s personal gym would be a great place to start.

“My anxiety is up to my nose, and I’d love to get healthy. I’m glad you are here for us as well as the students.”


Here’s to clarity, connections, collaboration and bright energy in Dekalb County Schools.

May all Dekalb County students, teachers, staff,and parents have more ease in their body, in their mind and in their hearts.



  • Congratulations to Dekalb County Schools. Cheryl Crawford works tirelessly to bring clarity, freedom, energy, focus and peace to the children of Atlanta and Decatur. Yoga is a powerful tool because it connects our minds and bodies to our breath. With breath, all things are possible.

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