Dear Sage: Drawing from Our Students’ Wealth of Wisdom

The 18 goddesses of the Fall 2015 Druid Hills Yoga Class are strong, grounded, and curious individuals. Together, we’ve created an environment nurtured in understanding and allowance. As the students were encouraged to share and collaborate with one another over the semester, deep bonds were developed.

The students seemed to enjoy days when the topic of conversation was allowed to deviate a bit and was student-led towards a more open discussion of personal snares, especially more the more prevalent quandaries of stress, fatigue, and anxiety. They appreciated and felt relief that their peers were having similar experiences. This allowed them to further the discussions, encouraging them to problem solve with one another or offer insight.

Yoga is a path that, as Cheryl Crawford always like to remind me, brings you to your state of joy. Once joy is felt, you have turn around and radiate this gift. Joy cannot be kept; it is a reciprocal process; therefore, we’ve asked our students this semester to use their newfound knowledge in a way that will help elevate their peer(s). One, an 11 posture flow, and two, the offering of knowledge to a fellow yogi. The former will be revealed as the semester draws closer to an end. The latter evolved into of spinoff of ‘Dear Abby.’

Our students, from elementary to high school, are full of wisdom. Dear Sage directly calls upon our students’ sophisticated perception of the world around them. Completely anonymous, each student had the space to ask a question that was weighing heavily on them. After the initial questions were collected, each student was given a question to answer at random in return. Their assignment from there was to offer advice based in compassion and understanding, a mantra with a mudra, and a five posture flow.

While more will be revealed from our bright students at Druid Hills High, please feel free to leave any questions you might be grappling with in the comments for our Sages.

Worrying so much your stomach starts to ache?


Is there Grace in Death?


Relationship troubles?

How do you talk to your parents?



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