Cyn Surprises

This morning after class, Cyn wrote:

“Yoga does not yield to creed or ethnicity, nor is it a product of popular culture in the pursuit to an unachievable “magazine body.” Rather, yoga is a state of being; connected to your higher self, you obtain self awareness and inner bliss. Achievable anywhere in the world, yoga is an international fad affecting millions of lives by its simplicities and transcendental qualities.”

“Is this what you really think?” I asked. “I want YOUR thoughts.”

He replied in writing, “These are my thoughts. Today, you told a story of how yoga can change your life. And, the general theme of today felt like it was made to convey yoga’s importance.”

“Thanks Cyn, very cool.” I said.

He wrote, “We started with the arm-raise/strength beyond popular cultures perception of a “work-out” etc Have a good day.”

These words coming from this student surprised me so much that I thought that perhaps he had simply cut and pasted from what previously had been said about yoga. I entered the state of Doubt even knowing how deep and introspective he is and that it did sound original. After google searching those exact words, I joyfully concluded that these were his original thoughts.

How cool is that! (for Cyn, a state of Embarrassment for me)

The story I had told the class today was that when I first became a mom to triplets I thought bringing them up was going to be easy after teaching in Atlanta Schools for 11 years. This turned out not to be the case.  It was difficult to hold space, and I often was living in the states of Frustration and Anxiety when I reacted instantly to them instead of thoughtfully responding with empathy and compassion.

At times I was shocked and horrified at the words coming out of my mouth in reaction to their squabbles.  They were even in the exact  tone I despised and had promised myself  I would never repeat.

So I studied books on how to be a more skillful mom and wrote on cue cards exactly how I wanted to respond. I carried them with me everywhere and taped them inside cabinet drawers. I referred to the consistently for many months.

I had to change my natural imprints, grooves that somehow became habitual, in order to respond with positive intent and admit when I messed up. I had to change the pattern.

I had to give myself a prescription,  rewrite my own script until it became embedded and real. Until I created a new neural pathway in my mind for the ideal relationships with my children to happen.

I shared with my students today that Yoga teaches us to accept our challenges, design a prescription to help change negative habits, and learn to trust ourselves to respond with integrity.

Queen Two and I are facilitating partner prescriptions for darker states. Stay tuned.

Yoga is skill in action. May we all learn more skillful habits.


  • Yes, to be consciously aware of what we do and say, making a determined effort to change what we do not like about ourselves….old beliefs, patterns that each of us learn and do until we recognize it isn’t truly who we are…we are all on the path of remembering….unfolding to the Love that is inherent in us all! It starts with forgiveness of self and others…what a wise student! We are all teachers and students!

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