Solace, by True

Later in my evening, to avoid further study of the SAT (stupid ‘aptitude’ testing), I checked out the website you are on right now (Atlanta Yoga Movement). I was curious to see where my blogs where going. It was interesting to see something that I had written on an online website…

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“My Experience with yoga has been great. I’d never think that I’d get to like it so much. Before I started I was super tight and couldn’t touch my toes. Now when I do a forward fold I can reach all the way to my feet and maybe even a little further if I stretch. I didn’t even know that I could do a headstand. I’m really trying to get down to my splits and I’m making lots of progress with that. But the only thing I don’t like is the meditation because

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We began our United States Curriculum at the beginning of the semester with a set plan, we had our curriculum, we had our assessment tests, and we planned on moving through in a very linear fashion.  This being our pilot high school class, we knew there would be bumps along the way, so we set ourselves to keep an open mind…to listen and learn.  Little did we know that planning a road trip across the United States of You could lead to so much variation, largely in part to the genuine feedback we received from the participants.  Just like a random road trip, you set the destination, but you treasure the journey.  Here’s what we have learned.

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True, On Vulnerability

Text exchange between a student (True)  and two teachers (Queen 1 and Queen 2):

True :   ” I’m trying to conjure up a topic to write about for the entry, but am not sure what would fit.”

Queen 1:   “Queen 2 suggested “Being vulnerable, what’s behind your mask…”

True:   “Mine!? I suppose I can think up an entry regarding that. What do you mean by that?”

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