9th Grader, Marie, shares how her irrepressible nature led her to the empowered mantra – “I am Strong.”

Just a like a potter’s hands sculpt clay, your environment shapes who you are. Ever since
I was little, I’ve more or less lived by the mantra “If you’re not bleeding or dying, you’re ok.”
It’s a result of tough love and a mantra I’m not ashamed of; it led me to become the resilient person I am today.

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School: Maynard Jackson High School, Georgia Tech Basketball
Yoga:  E-RYT 200hr Ashtanga and Vinyasa Teacher, Grounded Kids Yoga 95 hour certified
When do you teach yoga with children?

I teach yoga to the high school students at Maynard Jackson High during their regularly scheduled PE class.

Who do you teach?

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Name: Stephanie McCartt
Schools: Clarkston High School, Fugees Academy, Mary Lin Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary
Yoga: Certified Grounded Teacher
What led you to practice yoga?

A desire to explore my body and mind through physical practice, breathwork and learning to be present. I’ve always been physically active but yoga brought my into the equation and opened up completely new experiences.

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