Hello, my name is Anaiah Roberts. I’m a “Georgian”; (I was born in Georgia) and recently moved here to Washington D.C. I love it here so far. I’m a student of Cheryl Crawford, who changed my life with yoga, and without her I wouldn’t be here today, so Thank you. Today I’m going to be speaking about how the elements and chakras combined help me with my yoga.

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Gary Smith, School Bored


School:  Bob Mathis Elementary
Yoga: Certified Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher Grades k-12
What led you to practice yoga?

I had the opportunity by my principal this summer to attend a 2 weeks intensive training on yoga! Awesome Experience!

 When do you teach yoga with children?

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School: Bob Mathis Elementary

Yoga: Certified Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher

What led you to practice yoga?

I practiced yoga minimally, but Yoga was introduced to my school by Cheryl Crawford, Amy Haysman, and Sedef Dion.  I knew that if practiced consistently it would make

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Name: Stephanie McCartt
Schools: Clarkston High School, Fugees Academy, Mary Lin Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary
Yoga: Certified Grounded Teacher
What led you to practice yoga?

A desire to explore my body and mind through physical practice, breathwork and learning to be present. I’ve always been physically active but yoga brought my into the equation and opened up completely new experiences.

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How DO we get in the flow of Motivation and Activation?

We  build the energy resolve and momentum we need to hook into and remember our goal.

We remember. Energy follows thought.

What we pay attention to is pretty important.

If we pay attention to our worries, our doubts, our made up stories about our shortcomings, well, our energy will go there.

Yoga is a practice of training our focus and concentration so that we have choices about where we place our attention, where our energy goes and what aspect of ourselves we feed.

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