Hello, my name is Anaiah Roberts. I’m a “Georgian”; (I was born in Georgia) and recently moved here to Washington D.C. I love it here so far. I’m a student of Cheryl Crawford, who changed my life with yoga, and without her I wouldn’t be here today, so Thank you. Today I’m going to be speaking about how the elements and chakras combined help me with my yoga.

First, red and earth combined help me to be stronger and bolder. I’ve learned to use anger and disgust as energy and power. Instead of putting anger and disgust onto other people and feeling stuck, now I know how to use anger and disgust in a better way. I use it for energy for good things, like helping me speak up for what I think is right.

Second, when orange and water combine, they help me with my yoga. I used to think that I did not have the right to feel the emotion that I was feeling, which mad me kind of lonely and sad on the inside. (Especially when my little brother was just born). But when I started doing yoga I learned that it was okay to express these feelings, and that has helped me lose some fire and become a better friend and sister.

Third, when yellow and fire connect they help me with my yoga, because I didn’t always act the right way or the way I was feeling. So, basically, when I was sad, I would act grumpy toward my friends and/or family. In the first, I would usually get into a fight or get into trouble. (you can guess which one is which, right?) But when yoga entered my life, I started acting like the emotion I was feeling. Yoga somehow really changed me with that. The downside of that was I became a type of “drama queen”, but that’s okay.


Fourth, when green and air connect they help me with my yoga because I know I sound pretty silly- but I was serious. I needed so much air, because if someone came up to me and said, “Do you want to play in the dirt with me?” I would say, “Eww, no I would mess up my clothes!” or “That’s disgusting!” etc. The more green poses I did, though, the sillier and calmer I got. Actually, this summer, I found myself pouring water on the sand in the sandpit (at my summer camp) making “peanut butter”. As soon as I got home my mom goes, “Shower, now!” since I was covered in mud. You can tell  got calmer and sillier and “freer”. I am getting sillier, but I’m still working on it.

Fifth, when blue and water combine they help me with my yoga because I used to be very emotional in the second grade, and I loved to talk. So even though water is bringing emotion, I was still working a little bit on which ones were worth showing. I mastered how to show my feeling, but not choosing the ones that were worth showing. When I started focusing more and more on the water element I got better so that’s how water helped me. I also used to talk lots (like I said earlier). But the more I did blue poses, the more I could “tame my tongue” and show the emotions that were worth showing, and not being a drama queen (as much).

Sixth, when indigo and air combine, they help me with my yoga because I used to not be as imaginative, and more in reality. But the more I did indigo poses, the more I imagined and read, which brought me to my hopeful future career of musical theatre. Of course, I still want to teach yoga in my spare time and do yoga myself every day. Air has helped me be more playful with my imagination, which I’m grateful for.

Lastly, purple and space connected help me with my yoga because it helps me interact more with the people around me, be nicer to my friends, not be as bossy, and develop my social skills. I’m still working on it though; (you can ask my friends).

To conclude, yoga has brought all the chakras into my life, and that has helped me be a better person. Kids might be capable of more power and emotion than you think.

Thank you Aquarius Magazine for publishing this article:  http://media.wix.com/ugd/ee8f16_5f2a61db6b174e07a7f578a618dea9a8.pdf

Yoga is everywhere, and it seems like everyone is doing it. We see it in movies, on T.V. shows, in commercials, and in ads in magazines. Most of the images presented for mass consumption relating to yoga are generally comprised of white, women, in expensive tights and tank tops, on yoga mats.

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