Underfunded and over populated Public Schools are not a new phenomenon. For decades there has been a call to improve the quality of the education and experience in public schools. However, I know from my own experience growing up in New York City, that not every public school is created equally.

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1. Encourage your sweetest assistant principal to call us and tell us all the wonderful things she heard about our meaningful program and then invite us to teach a 90 minute  PE class.


2.Hug us as soon as we enter the school building.

3. Introduce us to your coolest, most fun-loving tough loving PE/Health teacher. He doesn’t have to be an NFL vet, but it helps if he loves his job and of course, the students.

4. After the yoga class, ask the students for feedback. Note the shifts that yoga can create in just one class. Imagine an entire semester of radiant energy.

5. Encourage the huge hearted PE teacher to get on a mat so he can experience the effects of yoga. He most likely will want to walk around and make sure the students are understanding what is expected of them, but then join in once he sees how much we know how to manage a class.

6. Introduce us to your principal, who is obviously a wellness warrior who understands the mind-body connection’s impact.

7. Discuss how to implement yoga into the school for the following semester.

Bring it On, Elizabeth Andrews High, Bring it On.


Something special happens every morning during first period at Druid Hills High School. On the stage, behind the curtain, in the midst of whistles blowing and instruments being tuned, a group of 19 students breathe together.

I’m their yoga teacher. They might not know it, but I watch them very carefully. They might not fully understand it yet, but I see them with my heart.

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