9th Grader, Marie, shares how her irrepressible nature led her to the empowered mantra – “I am Strong.”

Just a like a potter’s hands sculpt clay, your environment shapes who you are. Ever since
I was little, I’ve more or less lived by the mantra “If you’re not bleeding or dying, you’re ok.”
It’s a result of tough love and a mantra I’m not ashamed of; it led me to become the resilient person I am today.

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Hello, my name is Anaiah Roberts. I’m a “Georgian”; (I was born in Georgia) and recently moved here to Washington D.C. I love it here so far. I’m a student of Cheryl Crawford, who changed my life with yoga, and without her I wouldn’t be here today, so Thank you. Today I’m going to be speaking about how the elements and chakras combined help me with my yoga.

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Gary Smith, School Bored


School:  Bob Mathis Elementary
Yoga: Certified Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher Grades k-12
What led you to practice yoga?

I had the opportunity by my principal this summer to attend a 2 weeks intensive training on yoga! Awesome Experience!

 When do you teach yoga with children?

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