Author: Anaiah Roberts

Anaiah E. M. Roberts is a compassionate, imaginative fourth grader at Shepherd Elementary School in Washington D.C. Anaiah’s first love is musical theater. She fell in love with acting, singing and dancing as a toddler in her birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia, and has since been featured in over a dozen live musicals, including: Scrooge, Seussical (Sour Kangaroo; Young Kangaroo), The Aristocats (Marie), and numerous cabarets, church performances, and school productions. Anaiah also enjoys yoga, running, drawing, reading, writing stories and plays, and – most of all – spending time with her family and friends. She excels academically and is an award-winning artist and film producer (Georgia PTA Reflections statewide competition). Anaiah began practicing yoga in first grade, as part of Fernbank Elementary School’s Go Grounded yoga club with Cheryl Crawford. Anaiah has appeared on several seasons of Yippee Ki-yay Namaste, an Atlanta kids’ yoga cable TV show (Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting). Anaiah is a member of the historic Nineteeth Street Baptist Church in Washington D.C.

Hello, my name is Anaiah Roberts. I’m a “Georgian”; (I was born in Georgia) and recently moved here to Washington D.C. I love it here so far. I’m a student of Cheryl Crawford, who changed my life with yoga, and without her I wouldn’t be here today, so Thank you. Today I’m going to be speaking about how the elements and chakras combined help me with my yoga.

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