Attitude and Altitude of Joy at Avondale Elementary~

We clear the hidden patterns that cloud our innate joy…or rise above them.

So we can be a source of joy for our children.

We use tools to rid the subconscious of the patterns of performance and the hidden self-concepts that block us.

Joy is not found in test scores, materials, or paychecks. It is an attitude and an altitude we bring to all those areas of teaching.We practice the art of tuning into sound currents and tuning into our breath..

So we can model for our children how to focus on sound as well…

We practice consciously relating to our bodies, so our minds can relate to us…


We twist

We laugh…


We practice patience and compassion…

We open and connect..

We listen…

We take our practice back into our classrooms and share our tools with our students…


Thank you, Dr. Dontae Andrews, for inviting me into your school. Avondale Elementary embodies the principles of IB~ so open-minded and generous of heart. We look forward to breathing with your students.

PS. Let me know if that mudra works in traffic~ 🙂

Sat Nam

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