Activating Positive Energy at Druid Hills High

We practiced building Pranic {Life Force}, energy that fuels our hearts and lungs. The power of our breath can transform our consciousness so we don’t ever have to feel stuck in any particular energetic state. We have the tools and the power to change it.

We tuned into our energy flows and noticed if we felt in any way depleted or stuck. We noted where we felt open and free.

We concentrated on grounding old, stuck energy and feeling the pulse of our bellies.

We kept our eyes steady, even as teachers, administrators and fellow students walked by. We listened to the sound of our breath even when the pose became challenging.

We practiced breath work that even included holding our breath on the inhale to help open up the inner space more. When our Pranic Energy is balanced and strong, our physical body feels healthy and our mind is easier to calm.

We brought awareness to the beating of our hearts and the pulse of our bellies and worked on sinking beneath the ordinary mind into a deeper space.

May ALL children learn how to let go of sticky, negative energy and fill up with vibrant, positive energy.

Sat Nam


Thank you Rachel Schattle, our dear intern, for the stunning pictures.



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