School Bored

Ben Knaebel

Here are three things that make me bored.

1. Complacency

2. Gossip

3. Valuing Conformity

Boredom for me is like boiling a pot of water. Nothing happens at first but slowly a fire builds in me that sparks creativity, motivation and transformation.


Tracy Baker

Nothing bores me more in school than death by PowerPoint! When this happens, my mind begins to wonder! I have lost all focus on any lesson. During my daydreaming, I usually focus on food! What will I have for lunch or dinner? Sometimes, I think that I could spend this time grading papers or completing paperwork.

Dawn Blackwell


What bores me?
I get bored when Im not learning, when I have to do the same thing repeatedly, and when I have to sit still for long periods of time.

What good comes from boredom? Sometime even though, I'm bored when completing a task, the task gets done on time before the deadline.

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Carrie Beauchamp

What bores me in school? Meetings that are one-sided and not hands on or applicable to what I teach. Rigid expectations or rules. Teaching the exact same thing every year. Boredom fuels my creativity and motivation to explore new perspectives, routines, methods, and tools for teaching. 

Gary Smith

I'm a Physical Education Teacher that enjoys having a fun Gym Class. I'm not the typical teacher that rolls out the balls and does the same thing in gym. I believe in a learning environment that can be fun and memorable. I also believe in exposing students to different types of sports and exercises. What really bores me is doing the same thing in gym class, so I tend to put a twist on my lesson plans and activities when I find myself teaching the same unit for a while.

Kira Wilsterman

What bores you in school? 

Long winded lectures and meetings bore me.  Having to sit for long periods of time bores me.  

Anything good that comes from boredom?  

Sometimes I get the giggles when I'm bored and then silliness happens, along with creativity.  Being bored prepares me for the real world and learning how to regulate myself when I'm not being entertained.  Being bored gives me an opportunity to practice my patience. 

Rachelle Knowles

I get really bored when things feel stiff and rigid, and when it feels like there isn't any space for exploration or curiosity. Enter yoga: a practice to keep flexible, fluid and escape rigidity, especially the rigidity that can come from getting wound up by thoughts about how things "should" be.  

Hannah-Rose Broom

Hannah Rose also feels quite bored when she feels stuck - stuck in fear, stuck in doubt, stuck in blame, stuck in worry, stuck in traffic, you name it. Feeling stuck makes her feel queasy. She then reminds herself that stuck is a state of mind. Stuck is like looking out the same window each day at a meadow and wondering why one never gets to see an ocean. Hannah Rose takes the feeling of stuck to explore perspectives. There are so many ways of looking at any one thing! Exploring perspectives charges Hannah Rose and feeds her inspiration.

Stephanie McCartt

What bores me in school:
Not having dogs around me. Sitting too long in a desk. Meetings where people don't listen.

Good things that come from boredom:
Curiosity! The more bored I am, the more I'm driven to learn, explore, move, interact and engage with the world around me.
Gratitude - thankful that boredom is fleeting and more grateful for the time when I'm not bored.
Creativity. I can think of a lot of creative ways to not be bored:-)


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Vivian Florence

I get bored when I have to sit through meeting after meeting at the end of a long day. However, the end result is knowledge gained to assist me with helping children learn and grow. 

Cheryl Crawford

I am  bored when I hang onto a story, make excuses, blame others, think from a place of lack or fear.  I get bored replicating instead of reveling, renewing, refreshing or rebelling. 

I get bored listening to others drone on about how bored they are.

When I can catch myself in this state of repetition, it usually leads to creativity and connection.

And I am ruthlessly hopeful for compassion and connection in our schools. 

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