Breathe Free Initiative


To CONNECT students and teachers with their breath, their bodies, their mind and to each other.

To COMMIT to schools who DARE to practice the art, science and technology of yoga. 

To SHOW how to forklift children up from the quicksands of disrespect and injustice with dignified and disciplined classes, creating an environment that fosters strength, balance, mental clarity and positive self-expression.

To EXPRESS yoga from a place where a wide variety of experiences, sensations, thoughts, and feelings may arise.  Our teachers model meeting these experiences with kindness, compassion, and curiosity. When yoga is taught in this spirit, it can help children befriend their body and mind and develop a sense of agency and competence unrelated to and independent of their peers or any standard measure.

To CO- CREATE  classes to meet needs by deeply listening—our only goal is to meet our students where they are, and empower them with a practice that simultaneously grounds and liberates them. We lead them back to Self-hood.

We work together, breathe together,  practice together,  laugh together, and stand up for what we believe in together, knowing that we are all connected.

Namaste In School.

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