Our Bored of Directors

Sasha Henery



--I get bored on really long road trips and I have read all my books over and over.


--I am bored when I'm waiting at the airport


--I get bored on after finishing my test and I have to wait.


--I am bored when I can't think of what to do next

Jack Fishbein

Is bored when taking long tests, not multiple choice but the ones that you have to write the full, complete answer to long, long questions.

Is bored when the teacher is talking about what you are going to do, talking about preparing for it and then you wait, wait, wait and it never happens.

Is bored when not not doing projects. Not being able to create or design.

Boredom feels bland. I tend to read something when I'm bored so it's actually good cause I discover great book series.

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Zoe Marshall

Zoe is bored when she wanders around the playground, nothing is new. I've seen it and been on it a million times.

Zoe is bored when she has to review a topic again that has been reviewed a thousand times.

Zoe thinks circling the correct answer on a tests is boring. Especially the milestones.

When I get bored I look for more things to create to get a circulation of things going.

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Audrey Wiggins

I am bored when I am in aftercare at school, and all my friends have already left.

I am bored during a spelling test when I have written the word, and I am waiting for the teacher to say the next word.

I am bored during homework time in aftercare when I have already finished my homework.

Boredom allows me to be creative in finding something to do.  Sometimes I have the best ideas after being bored.

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Albert Schreibman

I am bored when I cannot play video games, and it's raining outside and my cat refuses to play with me, also none of my friends are home.

Writing long essays using evidence from other essays is a really boring thing for me, because I am not a person who likes to write essays.

I am also bored stuck on one question a question like test question or something I am stuck on, boring classes are also not my thing.

Boredom comes to you when you can’t do anything that you want to do. Fortunately, what also comes with boredom is creativity.

For example, going to the same mall and doing the same things there, that is boring, but if you try doing different things like a shopping contest at that mall, it will be less boring maybe even fun.

Alexis Overby

I'm bored when the lights are out and I have to sit on the carpet and just wait.

I get bored when we are talking in the hallway we have to put our heads down and not allowed to do anything.

It's boring when I finish a test and have nothing to do.

Sometimes when you're bored you can check your backpack and find a book. You can read the book. I like that.

Practice yoga with Alexis teaching about Intuiton.

Practice yoga with Alexis teaching about the water element.

Brooklyn Overby

When the teacher talks about what to do and what not to do I get bored cause we've already gone through it.

I get bored doing morning work like word search instead of reading on the rug because we have to do it over and over again.

It's boring to put my head down and not allowed to do anything. I sometimes fall asleep which is a good thing coming out of it.

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Cheryl Crawford

I am bored when I hang onto a story, make excuses, blame others, think from a place of lack or fear.  I get bored replicating instead of reveling, renewing, refreshing or rebelling. 

I get bored listening to others drone on about how bored they are.

When I can catch myself in this state of repetition, it usually leads to creativity and connection.

And I am ruthlessly hopeful for compassion and connection in our schools. 



1.     I get bored when I’m stuck on doing one thing and can’t move on, when the teacher tells me to do something I’m already done with or tired of it. But that boredom helps me clear my mind and think of something else to do.

2.     I get bored when the teacher yells, and says something over and over again, but that leads me to do something that I haven’t finished in the spare time.

3.     I get bored when I’ve played and done everything and just looking at the ceiling. But that helps me clear my mind and recall something I might not have done.

4.     Boredom brings creativity, and kind of helps block stress (to me, at least).

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