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Inner Education in wisdom, self-control, and intuition.

Ready to bring stamina under stress, clarity of values for decisions and the ability to command the mind into your classroom?

Our movement is fueled by a community of compassionate, conscious leaders –  just like you.

In Service You Deserve This

Dear Teachers.

Be in service to yourself first.

Be in service to your body, your health, and your well-being.

Service is open-hearted and expansive.

Because you are filling yourself up through the exchange of the experience, you are gaining connection, love, and Self.

Schools who value self care and connection create spaces of community, spirit, health and creativity.

Reach out if your school dares to partake in such a nourishing tradition.. 💚
And witness School Bored Members up front!


Superintendent's Super Intention

Dr. R. Stephen Green, Superintendent of the Dekalb County, Georgia School District, engaged in “experiential learning” when he joined students at Druid Hills Middle School on May 17th for a yoga class led by Grounded Kids Yoga/Atlanta Yoga Movement instructor Cheryl Crawford. The class was recorded as part of the AIB Network’s series, “Yippee Kay-Yay Namaste Yoga,” which offers yoga programs for elementary, middle and high school-age youth.

Practice alongside Dr. Green and Dekalb County School Bored member Marshall Orsen. 


Yippee Ki Yay Namaste

Yippee Ki-Yay Namaste is the first TV show for children! Its mission is to connect the children of Atlanta to their breath, to their bodies and to each other.

Kids Yoga

Teen Yoga

School Yoga

Bored of Directors


Totally bored


Kinda Bored


Upside Down Bored


Far Away Bored


Super bored


Mostly bored


Simply bored


Play with your hair bored


Really bored

Here's to all the warriors in the classroom....

And to those of you brave enough to Breathe Free in School.


Harmony is the state we step into when in service.  We are Great-Full to the following businesses and organizations for their generous donations and grants which help to bring more yoga into our schools.

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